Atlas in Action

It is a truism of debt collection the longer it takes, the more difficult it is.  When you refer an account to Atlas Collections, we jump right into action to get results.  If the accountholder's location is unknown or in question, we begin with sophisticated tracking to get a confirmed address and contact information. 


Then we launch right into the communication phase.  We do this with written and personal correspondence representing your organization with professionalism while maintaining the dignity of the debtor -- all while conveying the urgency necessary to resolving the account.  This is a delicate balance, and Atlas collectors are highly trained to accomplish their mission and do so in the right way.  (More on this topic at the bottom of this page.)


As persistently as required by each individual case, Atlas Collections continues working the account with multiple communications and strategies such as ease of payment, settlement payments and installment payments.  This is the motivation aspect of the job.  Simply put, we help the debtor decide to make you a priority.

For accounts coming to the point of litigation, Atlas Collections finishes the job.  (Many in the debt collection industry will return the account to you once a certain timeframe has passed; Atlas Collections is a debt collection agency that serves you all the way to recovery.)  Atlas Collections is adept at debt collection proceedings in the Indiana court system and personally manages the entire process for you in all 92 counties. 


No Limits

Though we provide debt collection services to New Castle, Henry County and throughout central Indiana, we are effective at pursuing resolution for you no matter where a debtor goes.  State lines do not stop Atlas Collections from recovering lost receivables for you.


Atlas Collections is responsive debt recovery -- all with one source, all in one set of hands, and all in close communication with you.


More About Methods

You should know that Atlas Collections complies fully with requirements of the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA), Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA), and the high ethical and behavioral codes of conduct of the American Collectors Association and the Indiana Collectors Association.  We follow applicable laws and just as importantly, we remember that we are representing you and that we are often dealing with individuals in difficult life circumstances.  Our objectives are to resolve the accounts, protect your reputation, and minimize customer attrition.