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Responsive Recovery

Lost receivables can be a tough blow to any organization.  They take valuable time to collect and can threaten your own cash flow.  That is where Atlas Collections shines.  We do the heavy lifting to get you paid.  There is no up-front fee; when we collect, you collect!

Several Strategies, Single Purpose

As an innovative, responsive debt collection agency, Atlas Collections brings many methods together to serve a singular purpose: recovering lost revenue for you.  Receivables consulting is an important way Atlas Collections can help you reduced delinquency from the beginning and ensure all your rights are protected in cases where debt collection still becomes necessary.  Skip tracing is our highly effective method of finding lost debtors. 


Credit reporting motivates many customers to respond more quickly.  Our litigation follow-through, when necessary, helps ensure the highest possible recovery even further down the line. 


Your cash flow is also helped by the Atlas Collections local advantage.  Because we are local to central Indiana, we can provide you better tracking, better use of local courts, and better performance even on longer-term, more difficult accounts.  We look out for local businesses (and your local revenue) like we look out for neighbors, because that's what we are. 


Serving New Castle, Henry County, Muncie, Anderson, Pendleton and all of central Indiana, your cash flow is personal with us -- and we will see that you recover what would otherwise be lost.


Atlas Collections is responsive debt recovery -- all with one source, all in one set of hands, and all in close communication with you.