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Debt Collection for Heating/Cooling and Other Contractors

Whether you made an emergency repair that saved the day or did an installation that will help your customer long-term, sometimes those bills still end up unpaid.  And when that happens, your own cash flow is threatened.  As a contractor whose livelihood depends on staying busy with new projects, you don't have time to chase down delinquent accounts.


Atlas Collections will help you establish an improved receivables strategy up-front to minimize delinquent accounts and ensure all your rights are protected for those cases where debt collection becomes necessary.  We will diligently pursue overdue accounts to provide you the best possible debt collection results for your heating, cooling or other service business.  You have earned it and we will help you recover it.


Don't waste precious time and resources, have Atlas Collections do the heavy lifting for you.  In New Castle, Henry County, Muncie, Anderson, Pendleton and throughout central Indiana, contact Atlas Collections as the debt collection agency to trust for contractors.

Atlas Collections is responsive debt recovery -- all with one source, all in one set of hands, and all in close communication with you.