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Debt Collection for Financial Institutions

The current environment for banks and credit unions has led many down the same path:  Most of your employees are wearing multiple hats.  Chasing down past-due accounts stretches your billing staff too thin and brings stress into your business.  And you don't need that!


Due to the nature of your customers and members, financial institutions often have a mix of individual and business accounts that need to be recovered.  That is where the experience of Atlas Collections pays off.  The highly trained staff at Atlas Collections is well-versed in both personal and commercial collections.  The laws are different and so are the strategies for recovering bad debts.  Atlas Collections is familiar with the regulations of your industry in addition to our own.  We will diligently pursue overdue accounts to provide you the best possible debt collection results for your financial institution.


And because many of these accounts will continue to have an on-going business relationship with you, we are sensitive to helping you retain those customers while improving your cash flow with diligent collections.


Have Atlas Collections do the heavy lifting for you!  In New Castle, Henry County, Muncie, Anderson, Pendleton and throughout central Indiana, contact Atlas Collections as the debt collection agency to trust for banks and credit unions.


Atlas Collections is responsive debt recovery -- all with one source, all in one set of hands, and all in close communication with you.