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Commercial Collections

Debt collection on business-to-business accounts has its own unique attributes.  Atlas Collections can help you collect whether you are pursuing an LLC, corporation, partnership, or small business.  We will evaluate the business and make contact with the decision maker to resolve the debt in a fair and timely manner. 


Commercial Collection laws differ greatly from collecting from an individual.  Our trained and experienced collectors understand the differences and employ smart strategies to recover commercial debts with diligence.


Receivables Consulting

As often as possible, of course, it is in the best interest of your bottom line to get paid in full from the start.  That is where our Receivables Consulting services can pay huge dividends.  Beginning with a diagnostic analysis, we use your own data to identify problems and recommend solutions.  All this is customized to meet your needs because every organization's processes and data are unique.


Our multi-dimensional approach helps unite fragmented processes, information and systems to optimize receivables.  We will help you unlock trapped cash and  improve liquidity.  You are the expert in your field, and we are the experts in helping you get paid!


Skip Tracing

There are many ways and many reasons a debtor may become "lost."  Skip tracing is how we find them and Atlas Collections is remarkably effective.  More than just searching databases and public records, skip tracing is a valuable skill that combines advanced software, research techniques, and experience with a wide variety of debtor behaviors. 


It is easy to see why debt collections can tax your personnel and tie up your receivables -- and why expert help from Atlas Collections is your best way to recover these revenues.




In New Castle, Henry County and all throughout central Indiana, Atlas Collections is the collection agency that helps you get paid.  We are the debt collection agency of choice for medical institutions, healthcare practices and dental practices because we understand the complexities of debt recovery in the healthcare environment.  We are the debt collection agency of choice for financial institutions because we are knowledgeable about the laws and regulations in the financial industry, plus our sensitivity to preserving customer relationships.  Atlas Collections is the debt collection agency of choice for landlords/rental property owners, heating and cooling contractors, utilities, government bodies and all types of businesses that need to recover what is owed in a responsible manner.


Atlas Collections is responsive debt recovery -- all with one source, all in one set of hands, and all in close communication with you.